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Security Operations Center Lite (SOCLite)

Introducing SOCLite, the ultimate cybersecurity solution for continuous protection. Operating around the clock, SOCLite monitors network and system activity, delivering real-time security alerts through a single pane of glass interface. Advanced threat intelligence feeds and swift response capabilities minimize false positives and enhance threat detection. During security incidents, experts perform in-depth analyses and implement effective remediation strategies. Premier subscription services include coordinated collaboration with internal stakeholders and external partners, ensuring comprehensive incident resolution and minimal damage.

Continuous Monitoring of Security Events and Incidents:

One platform running 24/7 to survey and retain network and system activity for when you need it most. Real-time security alerts and a single pane of glass interface help businesses monitor their resources, ensuring that when something doesn’t look right, a team of experienced professionals is standing by to help.

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Detect and respond swiftly to threats with our automated sigma based detection rules for advanced security analytics. Automatically correlate different log types and draw conclusions based on relational data. Enhance cyber defense and protect assets effectively against evolving cybersecurity risks. Dashboards offer visualizations and tools to help you investigate and manage findings, creating focused alerts and notifications to call out critical events.

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Machine Learning and Anomaly Detection:

Our SIEM uses embedded semantic and conversational search to streamline query understanding and enhance the user experience. With both complex query support and contextual insights, our Machine Learning enhanced SIEM allows for an easier, more accurate threat detection, delivering improved security analysis.

Anomaly Detection allows for passive notifications due to unusual activity or traffic. Automatic comparison to past data allows for a hands-off approach that evolves to face new or unknown threats.

Threat Intelligence and Analysis:

Elevate your cybersecurity with advanced threat intelligence feeds that simplify threat hunting. KCI’s SIEM features threat feeds updated with unmatched frequency, providing accurate identification of malicious IPs, significantly reducing false positives. Experience superior protection with real-time insights and rapid response capabilities.

Investigation and Analysis of Potential Security Breaches:

On engagement, conduct thorough triage into security incidents to uncover root causes, determine the extent of compromises, and identify any data exfiltration or unauthorized access. Meticulously map attacker movements through the network, then plan and implement effective remediation strategies, preventing future breaches.

Collaboration with internal teams and external partners for incident resolution:

With a premier subscription, receive services that include effective communication and collaboration with internal stakeholders and external partners such as legal counsel, law enforcement agencies, and third-party security vendors. Benefit from a coordinated response to security incidents to ensure thorough incident management and minimize potential damage with our top-tier support and expertise.