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Managed Security Services

Our Red and Blue Team’s Security Expertise, as well as Next Generation Threat Intelligence, will combine to help protect your company’s devices and data. Our team’s hands on approach can handle any level of workload and tailor custom solutions based upon your Company’s specific security needs. Our analysts provide weekly reports detailing your security posture, and proactively patch vulnerabilities before malicious actors have a chance to exploit them. 

Managed Detect & Respond (MDR)

Modern security problems require modern solutions; Organizations are constantly facing the threat of data exfiltration, ransomware, and service disruption. These attacks are increasing in complexity and volume as a result of the growing remote work environment and more advanced security controls.

Our 24/7 SOC leverages automation in conjunction with our world class team of cyber analysts to investigate and remediate potential threats. Our signature and behavior-based detection systems create alerts spotting unusual activity, as each alert is carefully reviewed and escalated to analysts & incident responders. We believe in transparency and detail every step of our process when reviewing each event so that our customers can remain informed.

Managed Cloud Security

Enterprises are adopting cloud and hybrid deployment solutions to centralize and optimize infrastructure. However, migrating to the cloud introduces new cybersecurity challenges. Infrastructure being highly available and visible from anywhere exposes the edge of your network to constant attacks, and KCI Secure can help ensure your data is safe. At each critical stage of your cloud transformation journey, our security management team will help you stay ahead of next generation threats.

Cloud Service Providers like AWS, Azure, and Google only handle physical security, and they happen to also be some of the favorite targets of malicious actors. We can review your deployment, as well as implement best practices and procedures, to secure the network portion of your cloud or hybrid service to prevent low level automated attacks from collecting information about your cloud infrastructure.

Vulnerability Management

Our Security Analysts research the latest vulnerabilities and stay ahead of the competition, implementing custom solutions to tackle common threats before official patches are released. Our Vulnerability Assessment Platform also scans your network to constantly match against a database of industry standard threats known as CVE’s (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), and create a report with the information you need to know when we find an affected device or application.

Continuous Adversary Simulation (CAS)

When your business is constantly growing, your cyber security needs to evolve as well. Verifying that new applications and changes to your infrastructure will not create New Vulnerabilities is key to keeping your network secure. Don’t wait for an annual audit, our simulations will ensure that if you’re vulnerable – you will find out before a breach.

Our simulations are designed to show how an attacker would gain unauthorized access to your environment by using similar techniques. We leverage OSINT, internal threat intelligence, and test for weak user credentials in an effort to identify vulnerabilities in target systems. KCI Secure delivers the findings in a finalized report, and provides a customized course of action – with the information your executives need to know. 

Patch management

Patch management is the process of distributing and applying critical updates to software. These updates are often necessary to correct errors and patch code vulnerabilities.  KCI Secure can ensure that your systems are up to date with the latest updates – and we safely perform changes outside of business hours to reduce impact to your business.

Patching is a process to repair a vulnerability or a flaw that is identified after the release of an update to some type of software. Newly released patches can be simple bug fixes, add additional features, or remediate serious vulnerabilities.

Patch management is important for these key reasons:

  • Security: Patches often fix vulnerabilities on your software and applications that are being widely exploited across the internet. Zero Day attacks can be devastating, so it’s important to update as soon as a fix is available.
  • Compliance: Organizations are often required by regulatory bodies to adhere to certain standards, and updates need to be evaluated and implemented in a timely manner to maintain this compliance.
  • Feature improvements: Patch management isn’t just for bug fixes, the primary reason for updates is to improve features and functionality. It’s important to ensure you are getting the most out of your applications, and that no possible improvements are left on the table.

Asset Identification and Discovery

Proper detection, identification, and management of assets is crucial to a company’s security posture. It’s critical to know what kind of devices are accessing your network, and what kind of effects they are having.

We continuously scan your network for new devices and catalog the findings – looking for abnormalities and suspicious activity. It’s important to stay on top of changes to your infrastructure, and with modern hybrid deployments – rogue devices are a common threat that could be present in your cloud or physical environment.

Other Services

Cloud Malware Detection

Cloud storage solutions are increasingly popular in today’s remote work environment, and it’s important to know what’s being uploaded.

We currently support the following cloud environments:

  • Office365
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Webex Teams
  • Google

Office 365 & GSuite Security Service

We safeguard your business from Email Compromise Attacks by leveraging our SIEM to analyze suspicious behavior inside your Office/GSuite environment.

Threat Intelligence

Our Threat Intelligence and Enrichment service integrates into our SIEM to identify and correlate abnormalities to enhance our detection mechanisms.

Multi Factor Authentication Service

Ensure that devices being used to connect to your infrastructure comply with the standards you set in place. We develop trust for each device individually, and catalog information and behaviors that allow us to spot login anomalies, and block them before they can access your infrastructure.

Managed Phishing/User Education Service

Even with a completely secure and compliant infrastructure, every company has a glaring weakness – their bottom line. With our Education and Managed Phishing service we will educate your employees on best practices and how to spot social engineering and phishing attempts.

We then validate that education with our red team by attempting a mock (harmless) attack against your team/infrastructure.


DDOS Protection Service

Availability inspires confidence in customers; ensure your business is highly available by using our service to Identify and Block incoming DDOS attacks.

DNS Security Service

Our DNS Security Service ensures that any suspicious connections are proxied, and any website with a poor reputation score will be blocked automatically.

Proxied connections allow you to view the parts of a webpage that aren’t malicious while blocking the dangerous portion.

Data Loss Prevention Service

Prevent your sensitive data from leaving your secure infrastructure. We check for combinations of sensitive data types, and prevent users from exfiltrating data out of the network.

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